Without music, life would be miserable

Some Mondays we give a bad name: “Blue Monday”, and it shouldn’t be like that! Let’s change the little desire we have to start working on a Monday, for a happy smile. And if we can fill gaps in the day with music, all the better.

Make “Today can be a GREAT day“! your motto for waking up every day.

The healing effects of sound and rhythm have always been discussed, not only now with music therapy or the writings of many psychologists or doctors. In antiquity songs or percussion were used to frighten away the “bad spirits” buuuu! 👻

We currently live in a world so chaotic that many times we ignore something as beneficial as music, the best medicine for the soul. Those who know me well will know that I am a music lover to the core without restrictions of genres or decades.

There will be people for whom music is no more than a pleasant background sound (like elevator music), while other people consider it something more, a path to ourselves. I propose that you answer these questions:

What does music mean to you?

Do you think about pressing ▶ PLAY to fight sadness or to change your mood?

If so, Congratulations!

Each person is a world as is each company / work too. If you can not listen to music while you work, do it on the way to work, while you take the train, the underground, in the car … Or have a shower with songs that boost your self esteem and make you happy. The little musical moments make me happier. And you?

The mythical song of the British band Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, has become the ‘happiest’ in the world, after being chosen in a survey of more than 2,000 people. The research was carried out by neuroscientist Jacob Jolij for the electronics company Alba, which asked 2,000 people for their favorite song to lift their spirits. What would be yours?

But there are also sad songs, which go well with the ebb and flow of life. Feelings have to be let out. Crying is good. If it rains in your life … hit “I’m singing in the rain” like Gene Kelly did, and sing in the rain. Get wet, enjoy life … Everything happens!  “Don’t worry and be Happy”

Nothing is making you continue in your current job or making you change and undertake a new work challenge. It’s up to you!!

If you stay as you are: look for the fun side in your work: “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun” and “I will survive” (as Gloria Gaynor sang).

It’s all about attitude.

If you want to change: “You can get it if you really want”, contact me and I will help you 🤙

Fuente: Lourdes Medallo (ME)

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